Android reading notes

Written by Keith McDonnell. Last updated on Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

= Glossary

An activity is a user interface screen. Each user interface screen is represented by an Activity class
An application is one or more activities plus a Linux process to contain them

An intent is a mechanism for describing a specific action, such as “pick
a photo,” “phone home,” or “open the pod bay doors.”

A service is a task that runs in the background without the user’s direct
interaction, similar to a Unix daemon.

A content provider is a set of data wrapped up in a custom API to read
and write it. This is the best way to share global data between appli-
cations. For example, Google provides a content provider for contacts.

A resource is a localized text string, bitmap, or other small piece of
noncode information that your program needs

Access to certain critical operations are restricted, and you
must specifically ask for permission to use them in a file named Android-
=> Check manifest permissions for new app ideas

= Questions

In app payments? Take a credit card payment from app screen.

App Widgets and Live Folders
➤ Control the update rate of your widgets by setting the minimum refresh rate or using Intents

= App ideas

= Notes

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