Continuous Delivery reading notes

Written by Keith McDonnell. Last updated on Tuesday, January 18, 2011.

From Continuous Delivery by Farley & Humble. You can check out the book and articles on their web site.

Release anti-patterns

Antipattern: Deploying Software Manually

Antipattern: Deploying to a Production-like Environment Only after Development Is Complete

Antipattern: Manual Configuration Management of Production Environments

Feedback is essential to frequent, automated releases. There are three criteria
for feedback to be useful.

Typical tests


  1. Create a Repeatable, Reliable Process for Releasing Software
  2. Automate Almost Everything
  3. Keep Everything in Version Control
  4. If It Hurts, Do It More Frequently, and Bring the Pain Forward
  5. Build Quality In (catch defects as early in the delivery process as possible)
  6. Done Means Released

Continuous Integration

Keep the Build and Test Process Short

I’ll add more to these reading notes as I find useful information in the book.

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