Google docs reading notes

Written by Keith McDonnell. Last updated on Sunday, March 03, 2013.

= Google docs notes
importxml(A1, “//xpath”)
needs xpath
filter: if(find())

app script
alchemy api (keyword/text extraction from web pages, strips out ads)
hunch recommendation service
google social graph api (eg input twitter handle, find FB a/c, posterous etc.)

How did Jeremy McAnally use a google spreadsheet form for lead gen?

AppScript looks good! It can email (MailApp.sendEmail)

Use AppScript Triggers
- time driven
- on spreadsheet open

eHow (keyword rich articles) demo
- used for seo research


Anytime eHow ranks highly for a keyword, it must be easy to rank highly for
those keywords.

Assign a script to a button

3rd party rank checkers are available site query > top tweeted links from a URL

knocked out prototype in 5 mins!

importxml to import data from any page
fetch apis/json
understand google scripts
understand triggers
check out google forms (landing page)

automate repetitive tasks
fetch api/data
fetch data for an infographic

Insert google gadget (eg map) → fetches your analytics data & stores in google docs

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