Iphone biz reading notes

Written by Keith McDonnell. Last updated on Wednesday, April 04, 2012.

= Market research

Fulfilling a need

take a look at your own needs and interests.

What interests do you have outside of technology?

try turning to your friends and family. See what specific needs and interests they
have that might be well suited for a mobile app

don’t discount the ease of flipping through the pages of the latest magazines

Bump enhances the mobile experience by greatly simplifying the exchange of contact information
between two people.

“Our primary goal when designing Bump was to create a simple, fun, and intuitive way
to connect two phones,” says David Lieb, cofounder and president of Bump
Technologies, Inc. “The accelerometer and location services allow us to do that: Bump
monitors the output of the accelerometers and sends the output of the accelerometers
up to the global Bump servers whenever a physical bump is felt. The servers then match
up any pair of phones that felt the same bump at the same time in the same location.
This allows connections to be made between any two phones with just a simple bump of
the hands.”

= Promotion

Staying on top of what your competitors are doing is one of your primary jobs as a

Try to keep your app name to 12 characters or less

Encourage users to rate your app with a built-in custom prompt.

include a Tell A Friend button in your app,

= Freemium

Lite Version vs. In-App Purchase

Securing Market Share: Give It Away Now, Up-Sell Later

= Testing and Usability

Have you let anyone else test-drive your app? If not, then it’s imperative that you do!
Recruiting beta testers to evaluate your app is one of the most effective ways to unearth
hard-to-find bugs and other critical issues

Including an in-app mechanism for customers to easily send you feedback directly can
help alleviate many of those negative app store postings.

For most mobile apps, if a manual is required to explain how to use even the most basic
functions, then you should seriously consider rethinking your current interface design.

Planting Knowledge Seeds with On-Screen Tips

Interactive demo

Convertbot includes a very effective demo, placing the main interface on autopilot, showing you how
to use the unique UI elements with pop-up balloon descriptions.
The only drawback to this approach is that it requires you to spend the time and energy
to construct an effective in-app demo.

Even more important than your own testing in the iPhone Simulator and on an actual
device is having multiple people test your app. After performing extensive tests of your
own, it’s highly recommended that you round up a group of volunteers who are willing to
beta-test your application before release in the App Store.


= Prerelease Buzz

Marketing Requires an Audience, So Invest the Time to Find Yours

If you don’t yet have a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page, or a good rapport with
high-profile bloggers and journalists, then it’s never too soon to get the ball rolling. How
early should you start? It usually takes a few months to acquire a decent number of
followers on Twitter and Facebook, so you should dive into the social media sea at least
three months before you plan on submitting your app to the App Store.

No one likes an over-zealous, aggressive salesperson
who clutters their Twitter streams and email inboxes with too much marketing noise. It’s
all about gently stoking the fire, building anticipation and interest. Simply whet their
appetite, leaving them wanting for more…be a tease!

elevator pitch,

No matter what kind of products you develop, you should always have a high-resolution
version of your logo available, just in case the press request it.

Like your company logo, you should also have a high-resolution icon and logo for your
iPhone app.

Having a few good screenshots of your app in action

ScreenCast (optional)

if you do plan on creating a video trailer for your app, then I definitely
recommend completing it before your app is released so that it can help boost
awareness from the very beginning

Record the emulator instead of videoing the app live

Dedicated web site (domain + posterous)


Mockup site (app?) in Balsamiq OR paper

Could be an image intensive activity → outsource/offload

Follow on FB, Twitter, Share links

free email newsletter can really benefit your prerelease
marketing efforts. Interested site visitors can subscribe, and then a month later after
they’ve forgotten about your app, you can send them an email announcing its availability

Gaining Followers on Twitter

Who you follow matters
Follow your fans
Quality content is king!

Retweet! If someone posts something that you feel your audience
would enjoy, then retweet it. Twitter is built on the spirit of karma.
What goes around comes around. Spend the time promoting other
people’s tweets more than you promote yourself, and you’ll cultivate a
deeper bond with your followers. They may even retweet your posts
more often to return the favor.

Auto-update FB, Twitter & more with Posterous (beware low SEO from duplicate

Collecting Prerelease Press and Testimonials

You should be prepared to set aside the first two weeks to focus on nothing
but promoting your new iPhone app.

Request reviews, publicize your app on Twitter and
Facebook, set up media interviews, post blog articles, submit your app for awards, and
the list goes on…. Once your marketing efforts start to pay off with an increase in sales
and/or a rise in the App Store charts, then you can gradually ease back into your normal
work life with only a couple hours a day spent on app marketing.

If you’re not able to dedicate the necessary hours to post-release marketing, then it’s in
your best interest to hire a third-party company to handle this job.

Google Alerts( track your app & competitors )

Press Release pg 350

Issuing Promo Codes: Soliciting App Reviews on Influential Blogs and Review Sites

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