Leap evaluation

Written by Keith McDonnell. Last updated on Sunday, November 11, 2012.

= Friendly 1st email

Following on from our conversation on Thursday.

Firstly, I’ve been hugely impressed with the dynamic and friendly work
environment you’ve created. The team you’ve built is a testament to you both.

Thanks for the permanent position offer. To help me make the right decision, I’ll
need to analyse supporting documentation. Needless to say, I’ll treat all
information in the strictest of confidence.

I’ll send the list of documents (e.g. business plan) I need next week. After
reading the documents, I’ll email yourself & Mal with any questions.

Does this sound reasonable to you?

= Biz docs
Business plan
Cash flow to date
Projected cash flow
Historical sales report
Sales road map

= Cust dev questions
→ From work sheets

= Evaluation criteria
Market size
Historical record vs. Plan

= Other
Who are the VS’s

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