Link building reading notes

Written by Keith McDonnell. Last updated on Sunday, March 03, 2013.

It’s all about good content. Create content that is relevant, useful that
people will want to share.

Good online marketing

Build relationships instead of links (eg organise a meetup)

lots of links from great design
- benthebodygaurd
- hipmunk

Who is your target market? Who will link to your content? Find your niche.

Create tools! color picker → backlink checker

Video content is highly linkable because its harder to summarise, eg learn seo
- create a video site map
- try to make your site the canonical reference, ie dont use youtube

Useful content (to your target market)
- bingo card creator
- how to
- instructional
- code snippets

Make sure your content is found
- comment on blogs
- post to directories
- approach bloggers

Guest blog (get a link back to your site)

7books → book playlists

blog rank → find top blogs

Partnering, aka build relationships
eg songkick provide event listings

Check out blog

Create embeddable widgets

SEOMoz beginners guide

- who links to your competitor
- why do people link to you competitors
- top content
- reverse engineer your competitors

MozBar, seo toolbar

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